Bags Parade of 2010!!!

Here's coming my most favourited items , the Round Bags ..

These small coin bags are from the same series ;

The new shoulder bags have finished 2 designs , the crochet and fabric bags.
Let's see the crochet ones;
Inside , using the wide zipper for keeping the important goods.

How's about the fabric ones for Summer time only!!!

The Adapted Cowboy shoulder bags, here's coming three color orange, blue ans red...


Finally , the shoulder Coin bags for black lover gals...


New bag issue

This is my recently finish item ; the round shoulder bag with green-chocolate tone.


Knitwear&Crochet products by Chansuwan Villa : HATS

Here are my Knitwear Hat products.

The last one is quite big that I think Big Hairstyle can wear it. and totally cover hair. Unisex color and chicky one. I will be looking for the doll's head stand for display when I come to BKK. next month.

Knitwear&Crochet products by Chansuwan Villa : BAGS

New Year 2010

 I have learned about making some Knitwear and Crochet products for sale at my mom's shop.

Well well well .... Here are they

My first Crochet bag which has be sold out by our neighbour.Now I'm going to do another one with greenish tone.

My lovely green handbag for girly lady.. It's taken a long time for finishing edge. But I think quite be OK. for the first one.

My first Knitting Clutch adapted by the shoulder bag one .It's been the first time for sewing Zipper as well. Took me for 2 weeks to finish. Now My close friend , Tom has already reserved.

My sweet hand bag , first I have done for Mom. But she said it 's too young for her. So now I let it sleep on my shop's shelf.

The flower hand bag which can adapt to be the decorated Pillow easily. With hidden head Zipper.

Finally , my lated one which is the most difficult and my beloved masterpiece. It's has been adapted from thin side to 10 cm. width for being an Overnight Bag.
That's all for my BAG craft pieces. Please see more other products coming soon.


Southern "Sart-Duen-10" Fest

At 4:00 am. yesterday, I took a bath quickly to go to Wat Lamai with folkins. We brought a lot of food & fruits into many bakset.
When we arrived at Wat Lamai's Community's Chapel , there were many people around . Mostly are women. They sat grouply with the same family's names to join the same group of food baskets.
In the food tray , there is a big bowl of Rice, wrapped in cone shape by banana leaf. Arounded with small pots of several local style foods such as; Squid stirr fried, "Yok Yuan" Mince Pork cooked by steaming with Salted egg yolk on top , varieties of fish menus-curry-fried, "Nam-Prik"with vegetable, etc.

the sweet & fruit bowls with color fags and Thai style bouquets.
There were many people out of the groups came to add their food with us then we had to sent ours in return to put in their groups baskets. Besides, the sweet for this fest in the past has used only Local styles. There are some available in Samui.

"Chao-Hai" -ขนมฉ่าวหาย , the sweeten crispy rice cookies with frosty caramel on their skin.

"La-Krob" -ขนมลากรอบ , the local La of southern but re-cooked by deep fried into several shaped.

"Pong" -ขนมพอง , unsweeten rice cookies.

"Kai-Pla" -ขนมไข่ปลา , the sweetpea nut grinded and stirred fried with coconut sugar , shaped into fish's egg,then deep fried.

"Kai-Mod" -ขนมไข่มด , same ingredient with Kai Pla but making into ball shaped instead.

Untill 6.00 am. our food baket was nearly finished. The monks came to announce the ceremony. Then let people to bring the baskets to the shelves instead of under the trees as in the past.
Finish decorated Basket or called " Binn"-บิณฑ์

People were carrying the Binns to Wat's shelves.

Then we preyed in Bali for hours and it's time to take back Binns to the groups. After Binns came , people in groups grabbed anything they wanted back.

When the binn was empty. Time to go home .This time is the receive ancient spirits into the family. They were believed to stay with us about 15 days, then we will come to Wat Lamai with Binns again to send the spirits back to their places.
We weren't not be serious for whatever we could take back home because we always set group to eat together in our sala in the middle of village.But the time in preparing things brought many young and far-away folkins back to families and made the moment full of joy that more important than anytihng.


Villa's neighbourhood

When we go out to visit Mom's folkins in Wat Lamai area, we have to turn left of the ring road. The first interesting building on the right hand is Buddy Boutique Hotel. The luxuary Hotel which is the same owner of Buddy Bar at Kao-San road in Bangkok.

Firstly, Buddy had the land at beachfront where's opposite the hotel. There are small shop houses around and easily notice from my home at night because of their spotlight. When time pass, I think it's time that Boutique hotels boom in Samui. Buddy decided to create the beautiful hotel building on the other side of their own.

With my little knowledge of Architecture, I'm impressed with the tone color and its style. They look much like my favourite Vintage Luxuary. Curved and Mould Concrete decorated in every corner filled the place reminded to be in Mediterranean location , not my Samui at all. I love the arcade and shops but must confess that I prefer only Villa supermarket and Bangkok Bank shop. Others are suit to Foreigner to shop.

Anyway, the hotel rooms cost expensive but I think it might worth for living if you are stylish mode. I think the place is nice to be some fashion Location one day.

Must go to stay at Aunt's tonight. Tomorrow we have to go to Wat Lamai at dawn. It's time for Sart-Duaen-10 festival or Southern's New Year time. Will write and snap some pics as well.

Bye :> ...Nok


Chansuwan Villa

I've try 3 Logo designs for my Villas , here are they...

Well, the first one is Moon + Rock + tree . "Chansuwan" means the Golden moon. Stand for my Mother surname before marry. The second one is from "Yi-Tho" flower.This flower are around my land.Then the third one is my selected choice, A kind of Heliconia flower that have Thai named "Soi-Kattalee" , I'm thinking it might be the one that can be named "Bird of Paradise" as well. Because of my nickname is "Nok" or Bird in English. So, the last one reminds to myself. I use my mother's day of birth ; Monday which is Yellow become a background. Then using this flower which is many in my house and in the garden. So, I think it's time to revise my name card with it.

Well, Here is my plot layout. The land is split into 2 part. The smaller one has Office (that is a grocery as well) , Grove for local plants , and our housing units placed behind the flower row.
The bigger plot is my parents' house and the housing units along the left side of the road. Which is the private route , only for us and the other plot owners. They are my cousins and havn't developed yet. There are some rental units in their plots ,too. Some have many dogs and they will come immediately when a stranger walks on the road. That helps us to prevent our privacy even sometimes we might be annoyed with their noise.

Time to leave ,